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Poised at the juncture of wilderness and civilization, the white porcelain 'ghost stumps' memorialized the dramatic changes that have taken place in the Pacific Northwest landscape. They were displayed in room 9 of the Bridge Motel as part of the MOTEL ONE show. The Bridge Motel was going through a change of its own - it was being demolished shortly after the show to make way for townhomes.

The stumps build on several themes that saw their genesis in the Living Barge project. Our work to create the Living Barge stemmed not only from an interest in what this area used to look like, but from a growing fascination with the exploitation and export of natural resources. 150 years ago Seattle was covered with huge Douglas firs, cedars, and ferns; before airplanes and software, lumber was Seattle's major industry.

Thanks to Andrea Rogalski for passing along her porcelain casting skills while 8 months pregnant!