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March From Selma to Montgomery, 1965
Acrylic on plywood
24" x 16"
Based on a well-known photo by Matt Herron.  



top left
Mattie Howard, Birmingham AL 1963
Acrylic on plywood
11" x 18"

Based on a photo for the Birmingham News by
Norman Dean, depicting Ms. Howard's arrest in
Birmingham, Alabama. She was a high school
student at the time. More info here.

top right
Student at Central High School,
Little Rock Arkansas 1958

Acrylic on plywood
10" x 18"

Elizabeth Eckford,
Little Rock Arkansas 1963

Acrylic on plywood
12" x 18"
Based on a photo by Tim Harris, depicting
Ms. Eckford enduring the taunts of an angry
white crowd as she walks to Central High School.

Black on White / White on Black
Black on White / White on Black

(Diptych of 1963 march on Washington, DC)
Silkscreen and acrylic on plywood
2 panels, 24" x 24" each

Black on White / White on Black (detail)

Black on White (detail)

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