Saturday midnight on the cusp of Sunday, a studiomate whose large animal paintings put SCHMECK in mind of sitting in a cave by firelight, the ancient flute blew notes of pure anarchy galloping across a sere summer plain, the mood one of war preparation, mechanical raptors delivering death from above, Hendrix burns his harp in heaven, angels speaking backwards countdown to the Creation.
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A lonely girl flopped down in front of her divorced dad's tripod but he was more interested in the reflections skyscrapers cast across Lake Union. His ignoring her filled the SCHMECK duo for the day with a sadness and summer sunset visions of something better, a place where the water is green, the edges softened by alcohol dreams.

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James didn't bring his handmade native american drum over because it was too sacred but it didn't take long for him to find in the process of layering over his own voice the same catharsis others had found, establishing SCHMECK as a new world religion, the Boomerang its altar of adoration.
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A weary road traveller from afar dropped in unexpectedly at the SCHMECK compound with his guitar, adding a new level of intricacy and sound distortion to the schmix. Best of all was his back-to-front interpenetration of Another One Bites the Dust, which if you say it right sounds like "smoking marijuana is fun" backwards.
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As a youth he never pitied mutes and understood why the caged bird sang, but now in the middle of being a man he felt sad b/c without song he knew he'd never be free. Luckily a berry tree at the Center of the Universe rang out an invitation. Many fruits were consumed, smoke offerings made to the muse, and as one consumes, so does one produce. The manager of night lent her voice to the swelliing chorus and time unraveled, unrivaled, ensemble they ascended.
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You rang? We rang! Everybody Boomerang!
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